A Personal Stance on Advertisement Ethics

A Personal Stance on Advertisement Ethics

People often examine aspects such as the quality of a product or service, its uniqueness, and even its longevity to determine the success a company will have, but that is certainly not what success is limited to. Frequently, people underestimate the value and impact intangible assets have on a company’s standing, such as goodwill and the source from which this goodwill originates, ethics. A company’s ethics and moral standards are often a determinant as to what type of individuals comprise their consumer audience. For this reason, marketers and advertisers input significant effort into maintaining these ethics in the public eye and executives into implementing policies that coincide with the ethical standards.

As someone with aspirations to one day enter into this industry of marketing and advertisement, there are standards I aim to maintain and implement in my own practices. Among these is striving to fairly out do competitors with high quality advertising as opposed to degrading competitors’ products or services. In today’s crude political era, officials often point out the flaws in those running against them rather than highlighting the qualities that make themselves a prime candidate. Many digital media advertisers today have adopted such a tactic, something I do not consider admirable and will be sure to exclude from my creative process in the future.

Additionally, advertisers have a tendency to exaggerate the qualities of their products or services. Not only is this form of advertising a quick way to disinterest consumers, it is a dishonest practice and therefore should not be conducted. To ensure I do not partake in this disorderly conduct, I will make it a priority of mine to first believe in the product or service I am advertising and can relate to the actual benefits it has. This way I draw my creativity from a more earnest perspective, which I believe could lead to higher quality advertising.

Lastly, I will obligate myself to be inclusive in my creative process. It is very probable for a consumer to stop using a product because the company’s stance on a political or social issue is out of alignment with their own. Take the NFL and its recent viewership. Many NFL players decided to take a knee during the national anthem as a peaceful protest to the social and racial injustices plaguing minorities in America. Some viewers were upset that the NFL was allowing players to conduct themselves in this fashion and others that the NFL did not support the players in their protesting. For whatever reason it was, the NFL’s viewership dropped by 10% after the first instance. Considering this, I find it important to acknowledge various races, creeds, and religions, determining what each would take offense to, and being non-partisan in the process.

These ethical standards are a few important guidelines I will abide by upon entering into the advertising and marketing industry. Standards such as these are essential to maintaining the trust and loyalty of a company’s consumers, thus having the potential to impact a company’s revenue significantly. Though, regardless of what it impacts, operating under a specified list of morals is the ethical way of conduct, something every entity should strive for.


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