Comparing Success Stories of Ford and Fiat Advertising

Comparing Success Stories of Ford and Fiat Advertising


The Ford Motor Company is a global automotive leader. For this advertising campaign they wanted to educate truck consumers about the features of its new 2017 Super Duty truck. This was the reason, why they partnered with Facebook to develop a variety of ads, including Canvas, carousel ads and video ads. Each of those ads was made to highlight the features and posibilities the new truck offers. Ford did this by showing the truck in areas where it can show of  its strength and power. For example, one video-based carousel ad was targeted to people who are working in the forestry industry and showed a forklift loading a pile of lumber into the bed of a Super Duty. And also some of the video ads were filmed on a smartphone, to make people think the video was made by a normal user to create an authentic feeling. The ad campaign was targeted to US men aged 25–54.

The goal of this ad campaign

Ford wanted to raise awareness of the new 2017 Super Duty model among truck buyers with interests that demand the capabilities of a heavy-duty pickup.

The success of this campaign

Ford had a huge impact and success with this advertising campaign. Overall they reached 18 million people, had an 18- point lift in ad recall and a 7- point lift in favorability. Estimated ad recall lift (people) is the estimated number of people who are likely to remember your ads within 2 days. This metric is available for ads using the brand awareness, video views and Page post engagement objectives. Facebook is using their own way of measuring the results with percentage points.

One exmaple is shown here:

Google Display Network

The success story of Fiat

When FIAT launched the 500X crossover they partnered with YouTube to compete in an very competitive market, They used YouTube to produce an ad and measure the impact in terms of ad recall, brand awareness, and search volume.

The goal of this ad campaign

Fiat wanted to identify the target audience and encourage audience engagement with the 500X crossover ad and also drive lifts in ad recall, brand awareness, and search volume. To reach their goal Fiat used streaming video ads exclusively on YouTube before launching on other media. After that they wanted to measure the impact of the campaign with a Brand Lift survey.

The success of this ad campaign

Also the Fiat 500X ad campagin was a big success. The YouTube video reached 13 million views and was one of the top three most viewed video during the Super Bowl in 2015. FIAT recorded a lift in ad recall of 123% among target buyers who are between 45 and 54 years old and a 82% lift among its “market entry” target audience which are people over 35 year-old. When Fiat compared the people who where exposed to the ad to those who were not exposed they observed a 230%  increase in search volume for the FIAT 500X model and a 200% increase for the FIAT brand.

Comparing the two ad campaigns:

Without a doubt both ad campaigns were very successful. Ford reached 18 million people with Facebook, while Fiat had 13 million views on their YouTube ad video. But the two campaigns were very different. Ford wanted to use Facebook to raise awareness for their new Truck and they did this with specialized advertising for their target market. In contrast to that Fiat had a very different goal. Ford already knew what target market they want to reach, but Fiat used the advertising to identify the target market for their new product. And this is also the reason why Ford chose Facebook for the advertisement and Fiat chose Google (YouTube). The advertising on Facebook can be directed to the target market easier due to all the information Facebook has about their users. YouTube was better for Fiat because they had a completely new product and wanted to show the whole product to the customers. A video is way better to do so. In addition to that the data that Fiat wanted was easier to get from customers watching videos.  For example, the fact what it tells about people how long they are watching the video. Here it is also important to have one specific video and no other advertisements to compare and analyze the data in the end. If Fiat would have had other advertisement, it would not be possible to tell what specific impact this video had.


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