Comparing Success Stories of Ford and Fiat Advertising


The Ford Motor Company is a global automotive leader. For this advertising campaign they wanted to educate truck consumers about the features of its new 2017 Super Duty truck. This was the reason, why they partnered with Facebook to develop a variety of ads, including Canvas, carousel ads and video ads. Each of those ads was made to highlight the features and posibilities the new truck offers. Ford did this by showing the truck in areas where it can show of  its strength and power. For example, one video-based carousel ad was targeted to people who are working in the forestry industry and showed a forklift loading a pile of lumber into the bed of a Super Duty. And also some of the video ads were filmed on a smartphone, to make people think the video was made by a normal user to create an authentic feeling. The ad campaign was targeted to US men aged 25–54.

The goal of this ad campaign

Ford wanted to raise awareness of the new 2017 Super Duty model among truck buyers with interests that demand the capabilities of a heavy-duty pickup.

The success of this campaign

Ford had a huge impact and success with this advertising campaign. Overall they reached 18 million people, had an 18- point lift in ad recall and a 7- point lift in favorability. Estimated ad recall lift (people) is the estimated number of people who are likely to remember your ads within 2 days. This metric is available for ads using the brand awareness, video views and Page post engagement objectives. Facebook is using their own way of measuring the results with percentage points.

One exmaple is shown here:


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Got Advertising Ethics?

The influence of advertising has boomed in recent years with the growth of social media. Digital Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day. Of course, most people won’t actually agree seeing 10,000 messages. This is because, in order to keep our sanity, we’ve developed a screening process to ignore most advertising messages. Less than 100 of them make it past our “attention wall” each day. This is why the advertisers must find a way to create ads that are creative, memorable, and engaging so that they will even be realized by the customer. When they try to do this a lot of companies create ads that are very questionable in terms of ethics. For example, ads that target children with products they are not even allowed to buy yet like cigarettes and alcohol. Or nudity in advertising is also one example. The question is what is acceptable and what is unacceptable? What is an ethical ad and what’s and unethical ad?


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